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Jacqueline Hamlet

"I just finished reading the book, I Am A Survivor, and let me tell you, I was crying by the time I finished reading it. The stories of these courageous women taking back their power is a must read. I felt their pain, it was like I was living their stories. I Am A Survivor tells of emotional, physical and sexual abuse, bullying, rape, anxiety, depression and suicide, domestic and family violence. So many of us grew up with, what goes on it our house, stays there. Or if you tell, no one will believe you. Reading this book gave me the courage to start writing my story and hopefully, it will give you courage as well. As Quontica Conley said, Stand Up Girl and Represent, #Sugar. Michele, I am so proud of you and don't know what I would do if you weren't in my life." 

                    Jacqueline Hamlet 

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Dr. Andrea Hill, Pastor

"Received my copy of I Am A Survivor. I started reading and had to stop. Tears were flowing. Started reading again and I am so thankful that every writer shared their story and are now living VICTORIOUSLY! This book will set many people free from the bondage of abuse past and present. Michele, you are an Awesome Survivor! I’m so happy that you are living in your God-given purpose! ❤️ you sis!"

                                                      Dr. Andrea Hill

Melissa Blasdel

Real life stories. This book is an inspirational story that helps men and women see the truth about abusiveness and surviving abuse. This book will touch you deep with in your heart and soul and bring healing to those that have experienced tragedy.

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