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Felisha Ener

Felisha Ener

Felisha “Mz. Fee” Ener is a 49-year-old spunky mother of 3, bonus mom of 5 in Houston, TX. She always boasts about her children and especially the bonus ones because she is truly blessed to have them. She prides herself on being able to adapt to any situation and any environment. People often ask her how she dealt with all of the pain, heartache and disappointments, her reply to them is always, “This is temporary, it may be raining cats and dogs but if you wait just a moment, the sun will return.”


Throughout her life she has been daring, always challenging herself or accepting the challenge that people give her, for example, when she was in high school her boyfriend told her that she couldn't try out for cheer-leading and that she wouldn't be good at it, she took that as a challenge and was an awesome cheerleader. Later in life, she and her late husband Kevin started a community radio station, her husband told her that she wouldn't be a good radio personality because up until then, he had only seen that she supported and followed him, she wasn't out in the spotlight, so she began a show, Mz. Fee's Grown Folk's Party. Out of all of the shows on the station, her show was his favorite, as well as a favorite in the community.


After Kevin passed away a few years later, she did the things that she was afraid to do prior to his death, she returned to college and maintained a 3.9 GPA and was even on the Dean's list one of her semester's. She also flew for the first time. When asked why she was doing these things her response was, “On Kevin's deathbed, he gave me permission to do all of the things I wanted to do but couldn't, so I decided then that he was right, I'm not dead yet, if I want to achieve something, I can and I will.”


Felisha continues to strive to reach and achieve everything she puts her mind to do. She wants you to know these things about her,“There will be heartache, there will be disappointment, but there will also be success, I won't stop until I do all of the things that make me happy.”

She is currently working on her blog, “Life's Amazing Journey” and her radio show, “Mz. Fee's Grown Folk's Party Live” currently on 953 Jamz internet radio.

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"I have survived, because I AM a Survivor."

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