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Lynnette M. Jewell

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Lynnette M. Jewell, a native Washingtonian, raised in Southern Maryland, a suburb right outside of Washington, DC. Lynnette now currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her love for people, the community, educating and helping people is her passion. L Michelle has a background in sales, marketing, and advertising. L Michelle’s entrepreneurship skills and her love for politics, as well as entertainment, will be one of her many focus points on the show, The L. Michelle Show. Lynnette is the CEO, Founder of L Michelle Enterprises also she’s a Radio Personality/ Author/Motivational Speaker/ Business Consultant/ Entrepreneur/ Authorpreneur


Lynnette's love for radio and broadcasting is what drives her to explore the radio industry. Lynnette has learned from the best of the best over the years to include sitting in on various talk shows as a co-host. Being on different panels and workshops, L Michelle has learned about networking. Lynnette will be bringing her own unique and classy style to radio. Lynnette is currently an Author of two collaboration books, including an Entrepreneur book with renowned Author and Coach, Taurea Avant to cement her dream of becoming a published author and telling her stories of tragedy and triumph. Lynnette is now working on her 3rd collaboration book. Lynnette’s motto is this “Your Voice Needs To Be Heard Let’s Talk”

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"I have survived, because I AM a Survivor

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