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Michele Lee Evans

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Michele Lee Evans is a native of Washington, DC but currently residing in Houston, TX. Michele married her best friend, Jeffrey Evans on November 10, 2001 on the United States Marine Corp birthday, of which her husband is a 20-year veteran. Michele currently holds her M.B.A with a double minor in Human Resource Management and Computer Information Systems from Strayer University, Washington D.C. 

In 1998, Michele started her first business, J & M Designs where she designed custom gift baskets. In 2005, Michele turned to her real love of creating one-of-a-kind, eccentric, handcrafted jewelry into her business. The business went through many transformations including name changes, but passion

finally, she settled on "Mileeva Designs", an acronym of her full name.
After battling with her own struggles with past abuse,
bullying, and domestic violence, Michele started The F.A.A.B Foundation (Fighting Against Abuse & Bullying) in December of 2015. Michele speaks to youth around the country to tell her stories of abuse and share affirmations of life worth through her book, R.O.A.R (Rude Opinions Aren't Reality). 

Michele is currently working on a collaboration book for entrepreneurs entitled "From Employee to Entrepreneur: The Journey of Empowerment" with renowned Author and Coach, Taurea Avant. Michele is now taking her talent for writing and her creative passion to television, working as an assistant writer and actress for an upcoming local web series.

Michele is the founder and CEO of KERB, Kutting Edge Radio Broadcasting where she also host three weekly programs as Mileeva the Diva: 

Mileeva Speaks, Fridays 5 - 7 PM

Planet Rock, Saturdays 8 - 10 PM

Smoothed Out Sundays 2 - 4 PM

Michele's favorite quote is from motivational speaker Les Brown and the inspiration behind the title of her Foundation book "R.O.A.R": "Never let someone else's opinion of you become your reality." 


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"I have survived, because I AM a Survivor."

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